There is so much more power in having someone else talk your monsters down than there is in trying to do it yourself. Monsters (mine anyway) respond really well to outside, accredited, official, professional-monster-talker opinion.

In the week after the monster negotiation, everything just got easier. Eve told my monster that I had a creative gift and that he should let me use it, and he believed her. I’ve been better able to trust myself and my intuition on all tasks, writing and not writing. My monster seems to be working with me and not against me, which makes him seem much less like a monster and more like an ally or (dare I say?) a friend.

Eve’s role in all of this was indispensable. She is not only a smart and savvy monster negotiator and hostage-situation defuser, but she seems to specialize in LOVE. My monster was totally charmed.

- Sarah B.

Eve makes this work so easy. She creates a space where everyone feels so safe that the monsters can feel safe enough to show that they are not really monsters, but parts of ourselves that love us and are there to *help.* Working with Eve has made a huge difference for me.

- Andy Dolph of Binaural Journeys

Thank you for making space where it was safe enough for me to understand.  I’ve never had that before.

- one of Andy’s monsters (I even get testimonials from the monsters!!)

Dear Eve, thanks again for today’s whispering-session. The way I’m feeling right now is the way I’d feel if I’d been going around all my life on country roads on an old buggy drawn by horses, and you just took me for a ride on a super-speed highway in a Ferrari.

- Martina Johnson

So many thanks to Eve, who helped open this door by being there in a loving-kind capacity and not being afraid of any monster. Talking about these things was hard, but having so much cheering and recognizing from Eve and Mr. H was the best. Warmly recommended!

- Hannah Savannah

I’m just so much NICER to myself. AND firmer. This past week I have really integrated (as much as you can in a week) the quality of acceptance. It’s like a ripple effect on my whole self. My whole life.

I am actually all inspired to take care of my body and BE IN MY BODY and not just FORCE it to do stuff, which is an old, deep pattern. There is other stuff too, but I feel I will be sitting here all day telling you. I wanted to email you last week, but the realizations were hitting me so fast I couldn’t write them down. I was just being in the moment and going with the reality of each day.

- Sarah Yemini