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Obviously, the awesomest way to support my work would be to book a session for monster whispering. Here are the other things that I’m doing to support myself that allow me to continue doing this work. By all means, hire me!

Copywriting – Like my writing style? You can have some of it for your very own! I have a background in professional copywriting and journalism, including the national press, and before that I was a Language Consultant for a top brand consultancy, so I know about things like adjusting tone of voice for different audiences, and how web copy needs to differ from printed copy.

Audio transcribing – Super accurate! One of my previous jobs was transcribing police suspect and witness interviews, where every syllable had to be right. I also offer a ‘more bang for your buck’ option where instead of transcribing word-for-word, I’ll just transcribe the gist of what you’ve said. Great if you like to braindump into an audio file and have someone else write it up!

Proofreading – Again, super accurate. I have a degree in English from Cambridge University, I’m a born punctuation stickler, and I could spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious backwards by age 5.

Copy editing – A lot of people wonder how this is different from proofreading. If you just want your mistakes corrected, that’s proofreading. If you also want your writing to flow better, read more easily, or express your ideas more clearly, that’s copy editing. If you want it drastically cut down (or padded out) without losing the sense, that’s copy editing too. I’ll explain my reasoning when I suggest changes, and leave the final decision on each one up to you.

Having been both a student and a journalist, I am VERY UNDERSTANDING about middle-of-the-night crises when you need it done yesterday. I also understand the differences between British and American English, and I have satisfied customers in Australia and New Zealand too.

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