I’m Eve Jacques. Pronounced ‘Jakes’. I’m British. I’m a warm-hearted, playful dork who most certainly has NOT found all the answers to everything and become annoyingly perfect. I have plenty of monsters of my own.

I’m obsessed with dogs and Mary Poppins. Seriously, my other blog is called ‘Unconditional love, dogs and Mary Poppins‘. I believe passionately in the importance of play and silliness.

I studied English at Cambridge and have a chequered career history ranging from journalism to working with disabled students. Now monster-whispering is one of three strings to my bow. I’m also working on becoming a writer and storyteller. You can check out Wordbirds, my current writing project, here.

My favourite authors are Shakespeare, Neil Gaiman, P.L. Travers, and Tolkien. I’m a proud geek who loves Star Wars and comics. Other interests include musical theatre (watching it! I can’t sing or dance), acting, anime and manga, long walks, coding, baking, eating, goofing off on the internet, starting overambitious craft projects, and patting other people’s dogs.

A bit more about me…

I discovered Havi a couple of years ago when a friend linked to a post entitled ‘Not all monsters like cookies.’ It felt like coming home. I was blown away by how funny, insightful, compassionate and shamelessly dorky her approach was. That was the start of my path to becoming a monster-whisperer.

I’ve recently realised that, like Havi, I’m an HSP, which stands for ‘Highly Sensitive Person’. It took me a while to work it out because I thought it was about being hyper-aware of sights and sounds, which I’m really not. But when I did, it made sense of so much that I thought was ‘wrong’ with me, and I’ve realised it’s a gift. HSPs are imaginative, intuitive, and empathetic – which is what makes me good at monster-whispering.

I’m pansexual, which means I can be attracted to women, men, and non-binary-gendered people. But in a really dreamy, cuddly, thirteen-year-old way. The combination of this and EPIC BODY HANGUPS made me think for years that I was asexual, but as I work through my body stuff I’m realising that’s not the case.

I don’t feel quite as female as I look. ‘Genderqueer’ might be too strong a term for me, but I’ve been known to describe myself as ‘gendersilly’. (This does not mean I think I’m silly not to have a properly defined gender. Far from it! It means I like to be silly with gender.)

I’m a VERY liberal Christian. I believe all faiths are valid paths to God. Right now, I lead a pretty intense spiritual life but don’t go to church. I don’t have a denomination, but feel most affinity with the Quakers. I have a thing for the Virgin Mary, and some very non-traditional views about her. I’ve also recently realised I have psychic abilities and can pick up on some of that woo-woo spirit-guide and energy stuff. I’m happy to discuss these things if asked, but I won’t push them on you.

My spirituality is very much about love, compassion and the belief that we’re all dazzlingly awesome and overwhelmingly loved. That on the deepest, most real, most fundamental level, it’s all love. That self-compassion is just as important and divine as compassion for others. That God has a sense of humour and wants us to have fun. That getting closer to God means becoming more yourself and more sovereign, not less.

I have a particular thing for helping people with low self-esteem. I’ve had (and still do have) a lot of struggles with that myself, and to me, it feels like there’s a hole in the universe when someone doesn’t love themselves.

I really, really enjoy my monster-whispering work. It feels like something I was born to do. I love how all monster conversations lead to finding out that the part of you that’s hurling blame and abuse and threats at you actually secretly loves you. On the deepest level, it’s all love. And I really enjoy seeing people surprise themselves with how wise and brilliant they are.