Is this you?

Is this you?

Do you have a nagging voice in your head telling you that you suck or that you’ll fail and people hate you?

Do you have nagging, horrible beliefs that make you miserable and hold you back?

Do you need a change in yourself and in your life?

Are you bright, sensitive, or a little different? Do you feel things profoundly? Do you have a silly sense of humour?

Are you a geek or an oddball?

Do you have dreams of accomplishing something creative in the fields of writing, art, or music?

Do you want to take your career or your business to the next level?

Are you scruffy with strangely-coloured hair?

Are you clean-cut with a corporate job and looking to change your own internal culture?

Do you have mental health issues? Are you seriously hurting?

Are you frustrated with your seeming inability to accomplish the creative things you really care about?

Do you have trouble loving and accepting yourself?

Do you have limiting fears, beliefs, or patterns?

Are you looking for a transformation, be it profound or subtle?

Do you suffer from self-sabotage and procrastination?

Is there something in particular you want to DO?

It can be hard to get anything done with your monsters always shouting at you. Yelling at you for:

…not doing it yet.
…not doing it right.
…wanting to do it at all.

Monster-whispering can help.