When you’re reading through the blog, you might come across some slightly off-the-wall words. Here’s where I explain them for you.

Eve words:

Bose: Literally, a dog’s nose. Metaphorically, being ‘bosy’ or ‘having a bose’ refers to doglike traits like unconditional love, unrestrained exuberance and a tendency to make messes. ‘Bosing’ is affectionate nosing.

Nug: A cat’s nose. Being ‘nuggy’ or ‘having a nug’ refers to orderliness, logic, elegance, structure, and generally having it together. Really, everyone has a nug and a bose and needs to find a balance between them.

Headcast: The group of characters who hang out in one’s head. You can meet mine here.

One of those monsters: A monster who’s causing the very problem they’re trying to protect you from. More on that here.

ESSENTIAL Havi words:

Bing: A sudden epiphany.

Destuckification: The process of dissolving the patterns, habits, and beliefs that keep you stuck.

Ludicrous Fear Popcorn: Any fear that is both legitimate and ludicrous – in other words, any fear. Saying ‘Ludicrous Fear Popcorn’ is a way to acknowledge a fear and allow it to be there without taking it too seriously.

Sad Scared Self: A part of you who’s stuck at a painful time in your past. Sad scared selves sometimes show up at monster-whispering sessions. Sometimes they appear to be monsters at first. I talk to them as well. You can see some of my conversations with my own sad scared selves here.

Shoe: A hurtful comment.

Throwing Shoes: Making hurtful comments.

Sovereignty: The state of not giving a damn what other people think because you are the king or queen of your life.

Their Stuff: Their issues, their responsibility.

Your Stuff: Your issues, your responsibility.

I highly recommend checking out all the Havi words here.