Book a Session

What will you get?

• I will act as your monster whisperer. You bring your monster, or monsters, and I’ll have a talk with them. Just like you do in your own head, only it’s much more powerful, because you have a real, flesh-and-blood human being there to hold your hand and help you through the stuck bits.

• I won’t ‘fix’ you or tell you what to do. You’ll solve your own problems. You’re in charge. I just make it safe and hold the space for you to do your own destuckifying.

• As the talk goes on, you’ll probably notice an amazing feeling of compassion around us. I don’t think I’m putting it there! It’s just there!

• You’ll find reserves of love and wisdom inside you that you didn’t know were there.

• Epiphanies, epiphanies, epiphanies.

• You’ll probably end up in floods of happy tears. Heck, I’ll probably end up in floods of happy tears.

• You get total acceptance. I’m a deeply loving, deeply silly and basically unweirdable person. I talk to all these imaginary people in my head. However weird or crazy you think your stuff is, you are totally safe to express it to me.

• You also get the benefit of my budding psychic/spiritual talents. If you want that. And absolutely not if you don’t. And again, I will not be weirded out by whatever is going on for you spiritually. If you’re having experiences that you’re not sure what to make of, or you’re not sure you’re imagining them, or if you’re not having any and you’d like some, or you just need some spiritual destuckifying - bring it all to the session and I’ll see what I can do.

• You get bonus crazy interactive conscious entry and exit. It’s silly, playful and glorrrrrrious! And it makes everything better.

• We can talk on Googlechat, Skype, or another medium, to suit you.

I’m British, so I charge in pounds, but I’ve put approximate dollar amounts as a guideline.

One session: £80 ($129)

Buy two sessions, get one free: £160 ($259)

Buy three sessions, get TWO free: £240 ($389)

If you want to work with me, then I want to work with you. If finances are what’s stopping you, then please email me and we’ll sort something out. (Seriously! Don’t be shy :)