ANNOUNCEMENT! I am putting my prices up in one month!

My prices are going up on April 11th!

When I started this business, I chose the prices using Mark Silver’s resonant pricing technique, with the help of my friend Andy Dolph of Binaural Journeys. And then freaked out in hysterical tears because I was terrified of money and the prices we came up with seemed unbearably high to me. Andy suggested starting with a half-price introductory offer. I seized on this gratefully and made everything half-price for a month. And then another month. And then… ooh, most of the first year of my business.

Now I’m slightly (slightly!) less terrified of money, a lot more aware of what people are happily paying for similar stuff (well, similar-ish – there are no other professional monster whisperers yet!) and a million times more confident that what I do works. It finally feels like the right time to start charging the resonant price.

I’m doing this with a month’s warning so that if you think you might want to get it while it’s cheap, you’ll have plenty of time to decide whether that’s right for you and sort out money. I’ll be posting reminders (and probably talking to my own money monsters in public!) but I’m not going to do any OMG-buy-now-or-else pressure sales, because I don’t want anyone to buy monster sessions under pressure. For one thing, ugh, and for another, I suspect those sessions wouldn’t go so well. I want people to come to me for help because they’re ready,¬†not because I rushed them into thinking they were with clever sales talk. And if you’re worried about taking the time to be ready because you’re not sure you can afford the new prices, remember I do offer the option of paying by instalments (and I will definitely not think less of you for taking that option, trust me. :) )

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